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Roadside Assistance Truck Repair Directory

Truck Roadside AssistanceGood news for the trucking industry!  In 2011, the trucking industry here in the United States will be picking up more than loads of freight than last year.  As the economy improves, consumers and businesses ramp up purchases.  That means that thousands more truck drivers will be needed to haul the extra merchandise.

There’s the old saying: “if you got it, a truck brought it”.

Truck drivers are in demand with an entire generation of baby-boomer truck drivers nearing retirement.  Based on annual growth, the truck driver ranks 9th in The Indianapolis Star’s list of top jobs for 2011.

More trucks means more mileage.  More mileage means more breakdowns.  Semi-trucks, tractor trailers, 18-wheelers, big rigs, heavy haulers, reefers and low boys will need to be well maintained.  With the increased risk of breakdown, truck drivers need to be aware of FixonRoad.com™.   

FixonRoad.com™ offers a free directory of emergency roadside truck assistance providers.  If you need mobile tire service, tractor trailer towing, or any other truck service, FixonRoad.com™ can help.  Our directory of truck repair professionals has listings from all over the United States.  Truck drivers in need of emergency service can search by zip code or city and state.  Our directory will guide you to a list of providers in your area who specialize in the truck road assistance that you need.

FixonRoad.com™ makes sure that only the best truck roadside assistance providers are listed in our full service truck repair directory.

Trucks generally log approximately 600 miles each day.  Drivers need to get their shipments delivered in a timely manner.  Delays cost drivers money that they could ne making on the next haul.  It is very important for drivers to get fast roadside assistance and get back on the road as soon as possible.

FixonRoad.com™ has a comprehensive list of truck roadside assistance repair stations.

FixonRoad.com™ gives our visitors access to the most comprehensive list of Truck Repair service providers around.  Our Truck Repair and Road Service providers specialize in: Mobile Repair Service, Truck Repair Towing, Mobile Trailer Service, Trailer Repair, Truck Stops with Repair, Mobile Tire Service, Truck Tire Sales and Tire Service, Quick Lube, Mobile Bus Service, Bus Repair, Truck Air Conditioning, Mobile RV Service, RV Repairs and Service , Mobile Bus Service, Bus Repair, Truck Glass Repair, Mobile Refrigeration Service, Reefer Repair and Service, Liftgates, Mobile Hydraulics Service, Truck Body Shops, Truck Parts, Load Shifts and Transfers, Truck Welding Frame, Truck Alignment and Truck Suspension.

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