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Truck Roadside Assistance Service Directory: FixonRoad.com

truck roadside assistance directoryJust think about how many trucks are on the roads.  The trucks on the roads range from Heavy Haulers, Semi-Trucks, Tractor Trailers, 18 Wheelers, Reefers, Straight Trucks, Trailers, Flatbed Trailers, Gooseneck Trailers, Low boys, Freightliners, Intermodal Chassis, to RVs.  Let us not forget the tremendous amount of buses on our roads as well.  Now think about how many of those trucks are in need of repair?  From minor truck repair to major truck repair, there are many repairs that can be crucial to the life of the vehicles and to people’s lives as well.  Think about just how many trucks are on the road right now that won’t pass inspection.

A recent initiative in Canada turned up a host of safety violations among commercial trucks on the roads.  Police in Calgary inspected all kinds of tractor trailers, semi-trucks and 18 wheelers during the 3 day operation.  The main focus of the operation was brake and suspension problems in commercial trucks.  They also focused on properly secured loads and driver qualifications.  Out of nearly 300 trucks that were inspected, 100 of them were cited for major violations are taken off the road immediately.

One can only imagine the results that such an operation in the United States would yield.  As it turned out, more than one third of the inspected trucks required major repairs. 

Don’t wait until its too late to send your truck of fleets in for repair.  FixonRoad.com™ has a network of qualified truck repair stations, right on our website at FixonRoad.com™.  If you are not near a computer, you can also call us at 1-800-208-6364 for immediate assistance.  When using our directory of Truck Repair service providers you can expect to pay reasonable rates for mobile truck repair and road service.  You can also expect that your truck will be fixed within a reasonable time range.

We have service providers who specialize in all aspects of truck repair services.  Our providers specialize in services ranging from repairs to truck alternators / truck starters, truck belts / truck hoses, truck batteries, truck brake systems / truck brake chambers, truck radiators / truck exhaust, truck fuel systems, truck transmissions, truck electrical problems, truck tires / truck axles, truck electrical issues and truck towing.

If you are a truck driver, whether you drive an 18-wheeler, big rig, heavy hauler, reefer, tractor trailer or freightliner, FixonRoad.com™ is an extremely useful resource to use.  FixonRoad.com™ provides you with access to a database of emergency roadside assistance providers for truck drivers. 

FixonRoad.com™ gives our visitors access to the most comprehensive list of Truck Repair service providers around.  Our Truck Repair and Road Service providers specialize in: Mobile Repair Service, Truck Repair Towing, Mobile Trailer Service, Trailer Repair, Truck Stops with Repair, Mobile Tire Service, Truck Tire Sales and Tire Service, Quick Lube, Mobile Bus Service, Bus Repair, Truck Air Conditioning, Mobile RV Service, RV Repairs and Service , Mobile Bus Service, Bus Repair, Truck Glass Repair, Mobile Refrigeration Service, Reefer Repair and Service, Liftgates, Mobile Hydraulics Service, Truck Body Shops, Truck Parts, Load Shifts and Transfers, Truck Welding Frame, Truck Alignment and Truck Suspension.

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