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Tow Trucks Set World Record in New York City for 292 Tow Trucks: Most Tow Trucks in a Parade of Tow Trucks

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Towing Service DirectoryThe largest tow truck parade took place in Hampton, New Hampshire in which 252 tow trucks were on the road.  The more than 250 tow trucks set a world record for the largest two truck parade.  The New Hampshire Towing Association successfully broke the previous record that was set in Wenatchee, Washington where there were a total of 83 tow trucks.

The trucks involved in the tow truck world record included flatbeds, wheel-hook tow trucks, 72-ton big-rig wreckers and every other tow truck imaginable.

The tow trucks made plenty of noise as they sounded their airhorns for the crowd to enjoy.

Following the parade, tow trucks competed in a tow truck skills competition and a tow truck “beauty” contest.

That record didn’t last long before the Metropolitan New York Towing Association lined up 292 big rig tow trucks for the largest tow truck parade ever!

Some 292 tow trucks including flatbeds tow trucks, wrecker tow trucks and 50-ton rotator tow trucks rode through the streets of New York City.  This set the new world record for the largest tow truck parade.

The 292 tow trucks spelled out the words “New York” at Brooklyn’s Floyd Bennett Field.

The tow trucks departed from Shea Stadium, former home of the New York Mets in Flushing Queens to set the world record.

You can be sure that anyone in the New York Metropolitan area who needed a tow truck at that moment was out of luck.

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