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Trucking Tips to Avoid Truck Repair Services on Axels, Suspension and Tire Service

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

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Fifth wheel positioning tire axel service

Fifth wheel positioning is crucial when getting full use of the rated capacity of all axles. This especially pertains to the front axles in particular.

This FixonRoad.com™ trucking news feature focuses on the important of proper fifth wheel positioning – especially when it comes to Big Rigs, Low Boys and Heavy Haulers.  Fifth wheel positioning is crucial when getting full use of the rated capacity of all axles.  This especially pertains to the front axles in particular.  The front axles are commonly rated at 20,000 pounds, but a 22,000-pound rating is also an option for heavier loads.

Trucks with axels that have ratings of 22,000 pounds also may require wide-aspect front tires depending on state regulations.  Another consideration for trucks with these specifications is installing a dual steering gear system to accommodate the heavier loads. 

Truckers who drive heavy haulers generally find themselves in situations that require them to maneuver their trucks at slow speeds.  Trucks that operate at slower speeds places an increased amount of pressure on the steering systems.  To combat this issue, it is recommended to use an oil cooler on the steering system.  This will help to regulate safe operating temperatures when presented with tougher trucking conditions.

Another consideration for heavy haulers is the use of air suspensions.  In the past, rear suspensions on heavy haulers have been mechanical types, but air suspensions can offer more stability and less of a chance of breakdown.  Air suspension offers a smoother ride and more flexibility.

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