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Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Mobile tire service trucksThe Tire Industry Association supports a recent Environmental Protection Agency decision regarding scrap tires.  The EPA states that scrap tires will not be considered as solid waste under the Clean Air Act.

If scrap tires would have been classified as solid waste, the scrap tire recycling market would have been devastated and tire prices would have soared while creating a negative impact on the environment.

Using tire-derived fuel is a great way to keep scrap tires from landfills.  It also provides the tire industry with a cost-effective, ‘green’ alternative.

Truck tires blow out on the road.  What do drivers of buses, recreational vehicles, semis, tractor trailers, reefers, freightliners, low boys, 18 wheelers, heavy haulers, and tow trucks do with their flats tires?

Mobile Tire Service is very important to semis, trucks, big rigs, 18 wheelers, buses, freightliners, tractor trailers, low boys and reefers.  Trucks are on the road with drivers that are earning money for being in motion.  Truckers cannot afford to be stuck on the road without roadside assistance.  Truck tire service is a viable solution to the problem of flat tires.

More and more fleets of trucks, tractor trailers, buses, freightliners, low boys and reefers are using mobile tire services to help keep them on the road longer and to maintain their trucks more efficiently.

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