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Fix on Road Roadside Truck Repair Services: Freightliner Goes Green!

Hybrid Truck Technology Freightliner CascadiaAre tractor trailers about to go green?  Are battery operated 18 wheelers the next thing to hit the highways?  Are solar-powered semi-trucks the latest truck technology to be seen at the truck stops?  Or is it the wind-powered big rigs, low boys and heavy haulers that are making a splash?  Actually, the ideas mentioned above are not so far from the truth… Daimler Trucks North America along with Walmart have come together to build the first-ever hybrid electric truck – The Freightliner Cascadia.   This truck may pave the way for innovative, green technologies in the trucking industry.

The freightliner boasts a parallel hybrid electric system based on an electrically powered second drive axle. The latest truck axle system utilizes advanced lithium-ion-based energy storage.  While the truck’s conventional drivetrain remains intact the focus is on the truck’s fuel efficiency and green trucking technology.

Daimler Trucks North America has been working on development of the trucking industry’s efficient and environmentally-friendly technologies.  The Freightliner Cascadia represents the latest advance in green trucking technology.

By offering alternative fuel trucks, it still needs to be determined whether there is a market for this sort of truck technology.  There will be new experiences in the field of truck repair and truck roadside assistance that the trucking industry will need to address.  There may be a need for mobile truck services to charge the lithium-ion batteries.  Mobile truck repair services may even deliver new electrical systems or repair new ones on the spot.

Maybe this latest truck technology will take off, or maybe it will lead the industry onto a path of future improvements.  However, one thing is for sure: If you need emergency truck roadside repair, visit FixonRoad.com™.

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