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Truck Roadside Assistance: Truck Transmissions / Truck Parts

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

FixonRoad.com™ proudly brings you the latest news in the trucking industry.  If you are ever in need of emergency roadside assistance for your truck or for an entire fleet of trucks, you can count on the mobile truck road service professionals at FixonRoad.com™.  We are pleased to provide you with the best quality Truck Repair and Services Business Directory in the United States of America.

Truck Transmission Repair

When it comes to truck transmissions, the more transmission – the better is it! Heavy Haulers generally opt for an 18-speed manual transmission

When it comes to truck transmissions, the more transmission – the better off you are!  Heavy haulers generally opt for an 18-speed manual transmission. There are also two-speed auxiliary transmissions or two-speed rear axles to choose from. These  truck transmissions provide improved startability and driveability.

Two-speed auxiliary truck transmissions double the reduction, and two-speed rear axles increase reduction by approximately 33%.

If you want to keep your truck out of the repair shop, then it is a good idea to examine driver performance.  When trying to keep truck repairs to a minimum, it is essential that truck drivers have all of the necessary truck parts to do the job.

Heavy haul truck operators have to be certain that they have as much glass area as possible and plenty of mirrors such as 4-way adjustable, cowl-mounted mirrors in addition to convex mirrors are recommended.  Mirrors may also need to be readjusted periodically to be sure that they remain aligned.

Truck parts need to be replaced often.  Windshields for example need to be replaced at least once per year.

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